workplace learning

Performance support tools

Performance support tools are technologies or resources designed to help employees perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively. These tools can include software applications, online training modules, instructional videos, or other forms of digital content.

Steps for Using Performance Support Tools:

  1. Identify need: Identify the specific job tasks or skills that the employee needs to improve or acquire.
  2. Find appropriate tools: Research and find performance support tools that are relevant to the employee's needs and align with their learning style.
  3. Implement tools: Implement the performance support tools in the workplace, ensuring that employees have access to them and know how to use them effectively.
  4. Use tools regularly: Encourage employees to use the performance support tools regularly, as part of their daily work routine or as needed.
  5. Evaluate results: Evaluate the results of using the performance support tools, including any improvements in job performance or efficiency.

Example of Performance Support Tools:

An employee in a customer service role is having difficulty handling complex customer inquiries. The company implements a performance support tool in the form of a chatbot, which provides quick, personalized responses to common customer questions. The employee begins using the chatbot regularly and is able to handle customer inquiries more efficiently and effectively. As a result, customer satisfaction and the employee's confidence in their role improve.