Consultant and mentor for educational projects, L&D teams, and communities
I0+ years of experience in Learning and Development
  • Learning and Development Lead in IT companies 2GIS and Rambler&Co: managing corporate projects,
  • Head of Education in EdTech startup GrowTalent, developing an LMS and other technical learning solutions,
  • Freelance Learning Experience Designer for various projects,
  • Founder and CEO of Lifelong Learning Lab Company, a community, learning platform and consulting for educators and L&D managers.

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My partners are Universal University, ITMO University, Yandex, Skyeng, School of Advanced Studies, Jet Brains, Exset Labs, Avito, Ernst&Young, and many others.

I am a certified professional coach with Erickson Coaching University. I am also trained in consulting, art therapy, and HR management.
Mentoring educational managers and L&D specialists
  • I can help with decision-making and problem-solving when there is a lack of support or expertise
  • We can have a long-term partnership on a regular basis or schedule 1-2 sessions to address specific inquiries.
L&D teams and startups guidance
  • I work with EdTech startups from scratch: conduct research, adjust and develop your product idea, and create and implement business strategy.
  • I implement new approaches and projects within the company, e.g., work with L&D teams on social and community learning, UGC, and knowledge management.
  • I facilitate team sessions, brainstorm, and mediate workplace conflicts.
  • I help to design and align business processes to the strategy and assist in building a whole new team.
What is mentoring?
Mentoring is the least formal way of transferring knowledge and experience. Its essential components include the active engagement of both parties and a goal-oriented process. A mentor could work individually and with the whole team or project.
Who needs a mentor?
Most of the time, leaders and senior specialists with work experience. The need for specific and individual inquiries grows with gaining experience. Thus, tailored mentoring or coaching programs would be the best option. As for junior specialists, more formal learning and training are recommended.

What can mentoring help with?
Hard skills
  • How do I design effective business processes for developing educational products?
Soft skills and self-efficacy:
  • How can I motivate employees in my team?
  • How to deal with work-related stress?
Also, a mentor and a mentee can work on the improvement of particular business results, e.g.:
  • How can I build learning communities within the company?
  • How can L&D managers improve employees’ involvement in the learning process?
Oftentimes, the initial request of a mentee is far from the real problem we will be working on. In this case, I will direct and help with setting clear and achievable goals for mentoring sessions.
Why do startups need a mentor?
Most commonly, I work with EdTech startups when they have a product idea but lack an understanding of the market needs. Sometimes, we do research together to find a perfect market fit. Also, I can present a competitive and major trends analysis or put together a product quality team.

Why do L&D and EdTech teams need mentors?
Teams need support in times of crisis or change. These include rapid growth and scaling, new strategy or approach implementation, team restructuring, or product relocation. An outside perspective and step-by-step navigation can help to identify possible risks and opportunities to change with fewer risks.

How to measure the effectiveness of mentoring and coaching?
Different studies (e.g., one, two, three) show an improvement in the following indicators:
  • Motivation and self-esteem
  • Acquisition of new knowledge and skills
  • Changing behavior in the workplace
  • Individual and team business results
I am based in Lisbon, Portugal, and consult in person within European Union or online worldwide.

You can e-mail me at
We can also arrange an online appointment to clarify your goals and possible ways of cooperation. This meeting is free and takes place online via zoom.